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Target Likes Me

February 2, 2017

If you guys only knew that my love for Target goes way back to when I was in middle school, even before it was the thing to do. My mom would drag me there and I’d always be like “Mooooooooommmmm, I want to sit here and be an emotional teenager.” I was so stupid. My mom was showing me the way before it even became THE WAY.

Fast forward 20 years later and I start playing the social media game because it looked fun, I like to try to be creative and pretend like I have a knack for making pretty pictures. I also like to pretend I am going to write a book one day so I try to see how long I can write a post for before people just want to stab me.

Anyway, so what’s the pinnacle of the Instagram game? For some people it’s reaching 10,000 followers and for others it’s making friends. I’ve made some friends, like 9 that I really actually would invite to my home for coffee. I’ve also had exciting times like when Wayne Goss liked all my pictures of his brushes, when Nate Berkus liked this photo, and when Musings of a Muse became a friend. THESE ARE THE FAMOUS PEOPLE, people!!

Now, the real pinnacle of my IG time is this right here. Call me names, call me silly, call me whatever you want and judge me, but this is literally too much for me right now. The moment Target followed me and then requested to use this photo as part of their Awesome Shop. OMG, HELLO, MIC DROP.

This is like that person you’ve had a major crush on forever and you’ve been having a one-sided love affair with, finally notices you. Just, cannot.


Photo Credit: Target