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Red Apple Lipstick Review

April 28, 2017

Red Apple Lipstick happened to be one of the first brands I found on the internet webs when I started looking into “cleaner” beauty. I’ve always been curious about Red Apple Lipstick’s lipsticks since I’ve never seen gluten-free beauty products, only pastries at that given time. I was such a “clean” beauty newb.

Fast forward a year later, I’ve been given the opportunity to try Red Apple Lipstick products after applying to their blogger program after showing some credentials and credibility in my review abilities. That said, everything was provided to me based on my selection and all my opinions will be kind, tactful, and honest. So, let’s get this show on the road.

Extra super long review here because I’m reviewing FOUR products, please bare with me!




I’ve been eyeing this RAL Lipstick in the shade Hibiscus since the dawn of my clean beauty time. I naturally gravitate towards berries, pinks, and sometimes, I will dabble in dark shades since life is too short to play it safe.


The lipstick is encased in a sturdy, matte black case. The cap comes off with ease and has a nice “click” that’s reminiscent of childhood memories of Mom closing her lipstick tube. The bullet that holds the actual lip product has a nice texture meant for grip and minimal aesthetics. And obviously, the outside packaging itself is cutely made of paper and completely recyclable.

Swatch of RAL Lipstick in Hibiscus


At First Swipe

This lipstick is 100% opaque upon first swipe applied with the least amount of pressure. It is described as a true, vibrant raspberry. On me, because my lips aren’t naturally that pink, the color definitely raspberry but with a touch of mauve. It’s not outrageously bright as other raspberry shades you might have used in the past, so it is definitely wearable for day time, at the office, at Trader Joes, or like me, to go pick up my child from preschool without looking weird being paired with sweats.

The consistency is not like a balm, so there’s no shine or sheen. It’s the most matte lipstick that I’ve tried, yet it’s not in the least bit drying. When I rub my lips together, there’s no grittiness or tugging, but there’s no gliding sensation either like you would expect from a balm-like formulation.

The weight of the lip product is something that I always seem to notice. If it feels goopy or heavy or just disgusting on, I can’t deal with it even for the sake of beauty. With this particular RAL lipstick (since it’s the only one I have lol!) is pretty much weightless and Vaseline (yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t be using it because cancer or whatever, but I like it for overnight because I wake up with soft lips. Also, huge tub for like 50 cents) feels heavier on.

The taste of lip products is also something else. I don’t want to taste it nor do I want to have it taste like anything. I’m ok with balms tasting like coffee or having some kind of faint flower-like aroma, but gag me should it be that overpowering vanilla scent. Being devoid of that lipstick taste is key and if it should taste like something, that’s just gross. RAL Hibiscus lipstick is tasteless, practically odorless, and that’s how I like it. There’s a *hint* of lipstick scent that is associated with any lipstick.

I do have to warn you that if your lips are chapped in any way, no lipstick will actually look good on them, not even this one, and not even the balm-like ones. Take care of that pout with some sugar scrub (or drink more water), then apply your lipstick, and then give it a fair evaluation.

Overall Wear

My lips have a knack for reacting to all lip products by immediately burning or eventually becoming super chapped within a few hours. That’s when I know the lip product needs to go back. That said, I have only been able to wear very few brands comfortably all day without even noticing it on my lips. I wholeheartedly recommend you try this lipstick color and this particular brand. It’s on par with other brands that you might be more familiar with like Bite Beauty and Axiology.


RAL Lip liner in Blush



Lip liners are a new thing for me. I literally only have two in my entire hoarding collection of makeup. I know its purpose but I also don’t see it’s purpose? I hate to use that lame excuse of being lazy (because with makeup, I refuse to be), but I guess it’s more like I’ve never had any interest in them. I don’t want to overline my lips and I don’t think I experience feathering because I am picky about the lipsticks I use. I think it’s an unnecessary step if you are already using a stellar lipstick. I kind of think it’s a scam if you don’t actually need it? More on how my thoughts have been corrected in a second.


Clean, sleek, matte black that doesn’t get greasy if you touch it with greasy fingers. The product comes out smoothly with the twist top. I love that you don’t have to sharpen it because of how the product is housed.

RAL Lip Liner in Blush swatch


At First Swipe

Given that I only have one other lip liner to compare this to (the new Bite Beauty Lip liner pencils), I’ll say that it’s comparable. The product applies very smoothly and doesn’t tug at your lips. It has a great opacity at the first swipe that’s not too overpowering.

Overall Wear

I tried to pick a shade that would be the perfect your-lips-but-better but alas, I’ve failed again. I have a weird color to my lips that I can’t quite explain. It’s not very pink, nor very red, but this weird berry shade naturally. However, I think this Blush shade came pretty close to achieving a suitable nude if I wanted to wear it by itself underneath a clear gloss.

It is not drying and it definitely stayed on an entire day after drinking coffee and eating. It didn’t become uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. I think if this is how lip liners are supposed to perform, it did an excellent job. I now enjoy lining my lips before and even after applying lipstick. I can absolutely see its purpose now and see what a difference it really makes in the overall look for crisper, cleaner lines. I’d definitely get more lip liners from RAL as I want crisp, clean lines for when I wear darker shades of lipstick.


RAL Eye Liner in Black



I have a cautionary tale about pencil eyeliners here. Everything smudges on me, even if it’s waterproof. My skin is dry but my eyelids apparently produce enough oils to sufficiently fry bacon on. I don’t understand. With that said, I don’t think I can really give a fair assessment for this eyeliner. I’ve tried Urban Decay in the past, smudged. I’ve tried the new Marc Jacobs waterproof eyeliner and that thing smudged within 30 minutes. So, please take this section of the review for what it is based on my eye lids.


Standard black eyeliner pencil packaging. You will need to sharpen this over time.

RAL Eye Liner in Black Swatch


At First Swipe

If you’ve ever used Urban Decay eyeliner at any given point in your life, then you will know what I’m talking about when I say this is your answer to the all natural, gluten-free, vegan-friendly dupe. It doesn’t tug on your lash line, it’s opaque, and has potential (for the right eyelids) to wear all day.

RAL eyeliner in Black Closeup

Overall Wear

The biggest thing for me is that with oily lids, I also have very sensitive eyes so I can only really use one eye product right now (Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner in Black). My eyes are easily irritated, turn red, and itchy with mostly ever single eyeliner on the market (lucky me). That said, the RAL eyeliner did NOT irritate my eyes whatsoever.

Even though everything smudges like I said earlier, the RAL wore on my eyes for a good 2 hours before the Panda eyes started showing up. I was able to wash this off easily with my Nooni cleanser and it came off completely clean. I didn’t need to clean it again after I got out of the shower.

I honestly feel like if you don’t generally have a problem with eyeliners that this would be a stellar choice for you. I believe that because of it’s cleaner ingredients, even the most sensitive eyes like mine will feel comfortable all day long. Having red, itchy eyes isn’t the best look for anyone.

I am giving this a 5-star rating based on how the eyeliner did not irritate my eyes, didn’t pull on my eyelids, and was as opaque as the Marc Jacobs liner. This 5-star rating applies to someone who typically doesn’t have problems with smudging, smearing, and irritation. However, because I have finicky eyelids and everything on earth smudges, I am disappointed to say that I cannot use this product. This translates into the fact that it is NOT the products fault, it’s really my eyelids fault because I would use this daily in a heartbeat.


RAL The Lash Project wand in Black



If you’ve made it this far, bless you. I’ve saved the best for last as there’s no mascara like this that make my lashes look amazing. I’ve already given away the direction of this review, so please continue for the rave.


The packaging is like any other mascara you’ve seen so I don’t have any special adjectives to use to describe it other than nice, black, matte packaging.

At First Swipe

The formulation is on the drier side meaning that your lashes don’t stay wet for years while you’re waiting for it to dry. That said, if you are a double-applier, then you can apply it again almost the second you’re done applying the first coat on your second eye.

The wand and the formulation must be magical because, at first swipe, it separates my lashes and lengthens them immediately. It is as black as you can get without feeling like you’re applying smoke ashes to your lashes.

The real test was in the overall wear because just like my eyelids, my eyelashes also don’t like very many products resulting in smudging, tearing, and regretting I even tried to make my lashes look decent.

Overall Wear

In short, WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE?!!?!??! I have ceased to look for the next mascara that might work kind of well for my eyelashes. I’ve found the one, the #LOML right here. I feel like every girl is always searching for the one and praise the Lord when you’ve finally found it after 15 years! Let me tell you right now, this gets a 10-star out of 5-star rating. If you have eyelashes like mine, short, sparse, and thin (apparently, typical “Asian” lashes), then this mascara needs to be buried with you so that you can look amazing in the afterlife. It is that amazing.

The claim with this RAL mascara is that it’ll strengthen your lashes over time and improve the health of them. I’ve tried tons of lash products promising the same thing and I’ve never seen any great come out of it. With RAL mascara, my lashes don’t fall out as much if, at all since using this product and OMG, my lashes look amazing. My bare lash line on top even looks “fuller” in the mornings. The craziest thing is that I don’t really have bottom eyelashes (read microscopic), but this mascara is able to pick it up anyway and suddenly, I have a full set of lashes like everyone else!

There’s absolutely NO smudging, smearing, irritation, and the level of curl that my lashes are able to keep with this mascara is unbelievable! Wearing the mascara by itself, I look like I have “natural” false lashes. When I use it with the Jane Iredale eyelash primer (another holy grail to bring with my in the afterlife), my lashes practically reach the top of my eyebrows. Remember how I said I have the typical Asian eyelashes? Well, this kind of eyelashes doesn’t reach anything anywhere close to even showing up even being thisclose to a magnifying mirror.

You won’t be disappointed if you have lashes like mine by grabbing this product. You needed to get this like yesterday. It needs to be in your makeup arsenal. Actually, it needs to be in your life arsenal. Quit spending money on the stuff that just doesn’t work. I’m absolutely and thoroughly floored by how stellar this is especially for being a product with “cleaner” ingredients. It seriously just doesn’t happen this way. I’ve tried 100% Pure Mascara and that smeared in 3 seconds. Seriously, thank you to whoever made this formulation and picked this wand over at RAL, you need to win the Nobel Prize for this.



Ok, it looks I literally gave everything a 5-star rating and obviously, I need to narrow some things down here. Here’s my overall ranking of things in the order of “you must try right now or you’ll really be so sad forever”.

1. Mascara
2. Lipstick
3. Lip Liner
4. Eye Liner

I hope this review was helpful! There are many, many choices out there for great makeup that’s natural and cleaner if you are in the market for such items. It can be inundating and intimidating. I can tell you that my communications with RAL have been very kind and enjoyable. They seem very helpful and interested in making sure their customers are happy with their products. They also have a great money back guarantee! Again, the mascara, there’s nothing like it!!!

If you’ve tried anything and loved it, please share with me! If there’s something I haven’t tried but must, please let me know! I’m absolutely impressed by the quality and performance of RAL products and believe you will be, too!

Thank you for reading!


Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation Review

February 12, 2016


This has been a long review in the making. I feel I’m always “late in the game” when it comes to posting a review. I’m generally not the first one to know about new releases either. I think it’s natural and easy to say that a product works really well after the first try within the first 26 minutes. But, things change- the weather, skin, hormones, diet, water intake, skin care, sleep, Instagram filters, and all of this affects how the product performs.

I have been testing the Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation for seven weeks now (check my IG to see my first pic with Gressa, that was 7 weeks ago). When I test a product, it’s almost like a dating game. I want to get to know the product, test it under different skin conditions, and application methods before I can really speak about it. My friends always call BS when they know I don’t have a lot to say about something and they ask me, “Dude, you got this last night right?” Anyway, they keep me in check and thus, at this time, I feel confident in bringing this product home to my parents. *wink-was that a bad joke-wink*

So, who and what is Gressa Skin all about? Ok, here’s the part where I will quote directly from the Gressa website. This is only done to be as unbiased as possible. You will soon see why in the conclusions.

I often say that GRESSA is a fusion of science, love and art all bottled up in a beautiful violet glass bottle. And it really is just that: years of formal education, tradition of ancient medicine, and my heart and soul poured into it creating the beauty behind each formula.

When creating the GRESSA concept my intention was to transcend green beauty. I wanted to take the stigma and stereotypes out of the word ‘green’. I wanted my product to represent what every woman deserves: an efficacious line that is couture yet remains uncompromising of purity.

What ingredients are in her makeup line?

*Brassica oleracea (Broccoli) Seed Oil, Coconut Alkanes (and) Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Silica, GRESSA Healing ComplexTM *Silymarin, *Neem (Azadirachta indica) Extract,*Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) Extract, *Lemon Balm (Melissa officianalis) Extract, *Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) Extract, *Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) Seed Extract, *Elder Flower (Sambucus nigra) Extract, *Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) Extract, Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate Non-GMO, Coenzyme Q10, Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, (Vitamin C), *lecithin, *glycerin, mica, iron oxides, titanium oxide. *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

PRODUCT: Minialist Corrective Serum Foundation in Shade 1.5. Made in USA. Net wt. 15 ml. $54

Gressa Foundation

PACKAGING: Black bottle with a drop applicator carefully thought out for those who value and need sanitary application. Clean, classic logo in white clear font with a black background. Simplicity and minimalistic packaging at its best.

Gressa Foundation Swatch

SHADE: The shade I use is 1.5 which is described as “Fair to light, with warm undertones”. This is an accurate description in my opinion as I am light with generally neutral undertones according to most makeup lines. But, I do lean a tad towards warm rather than cool undertones.

Gressa Foundation Swatch 2

INITIAL SWATCH: In the initial swatch, there are a few things you need to do before you get the product out of the bottle. As instructed by Ms. Svetlana herself, you must 1. shake the bottle, 2. squeeze the dropper to get any product out first, 3. squeeze the product back in, 4. then dispense 2-3 drops for the first level of application. Once I took these steps, the initial swatch out of the dropper onto my hand and wrist needed fast action. The consistency is runny like a an oil-serum. The viscosity is similar to that like a very light oil such as rosehip. There’s also a cushion-like feel to it, reminiscent of a soft goose down pillow.

Gressa Swatch
APPLICATION: As depicted in the swatch, one can already assume that with the consistency being like a lighter oil, that the application would be effortless. You know those chocolate fountains at weddings or Bellagio buffet in Vegas? Imagine your face being a strawberry and coating that strawberry with that silky, warm chocolate. That is Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation.

EFFICACY: The claims are the following:

It’s a serum. It’s a foundation. It’s a multivitamin for your face. Perfect your face with long-term benefits of this revolutionary serum to powder foundation.

Let’s break this down one point at a time.
1. A serum: Most serums I’ve tried have a specific consistency to it. Gel-like and a thicker viscosity than your runniest oil. They are generally quick to absorb into the skin and very light weight. Does this foundation FEEL like a serum? Yes. And most serums, generally over time, improve the condition of your skin with consistent use. Did this improve my skin? Yes. I had dry patches prior to using this product and  I am happy to say I am no longer the owner of dry patches. Please note that using this foundation in combination with two more face oils may have improved my skin simultaneously. This is promising in that this foundation also works beautifully with face oils, so there a positive compounding effect happening here. Level 1 efficacy: Check.
2. A foundation: A foundation at its most basic level is supposed to even out your skin to some degree of coverage. That’s it. Not make you look unrecognizable or transformed into Beyonce. Did this foundation even out my skin? Absolutely. Level 2 efficacy: Check.
3. A multivitamin for your face: If you ingest a multivitamin, the expected outcome is that you should “feel better” in some way or “see” some level improvement in your health whether it be: physical, emotional, or mental. If you take a prenatal, you shouldn’t gag. But rather, it “should” keep you and your unborn child healthy and nurture you all the way through pregnancy and beyond. If you take biotin, it “should” grow your hair and nails like wildfire. Given this product is applied to your face and claims that it is also a multivitamin, then one should see some level of physical improvement in one’s skin’s condition- be it texture, complexion, elasticity, or so forth. Did I see an improvement in my skin’s physical appearance on some level? Yes. Level 3 efficacy: Check.

I am confident in concluding that the Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is efficacious on all levels of what they claim their foundation should be doing for your skin. Furthermore, talk about a really effective title. Minimalist- yes in the packaging and application. Corrective- absolutely it evens out your skin to give a very fresh, natural glow. Serum Foundation- yes, in how it has great potential to help your skin while providing a beautiful base for your canvas.

IS IT WORTH SHARING OVER COFEE?: Based on my 7 weeks of testing, I will say absolutely YES this is worth sharing over coffee -like so much coffee that you end up feeling light-headed and sleepy. This foundation is so perfect for the everyday- no fuss-no full coverage wanted-kind of woman or man. For the busy mom or dad who has 1.5 minutes each morning, you pretty much needed this foundation yesterday. Given that the application is really seamless whether you use a brush or your fingers, you will get the same outcome every time. The product is consistent in its performance and you can be confident walking out the door knowing you are well blended with very little effort.

In terms of how the product builds, it is light coverage at first swipe. But, wait for that to dry a little and you can continue building up to medium-medium not medium-full coverage. Because the product has a serum-luxe oil consistency, I don’t think you will get full coverage. However, I feel that is not the goal of this product nor any other “green” product. Brands generally want your skin to improve so you can wear less and show more of your natural face with a little help from some good ingredients. You want your skin to breathe while having even, clear skin. If you want full coverage, you will need a different product or oodles of powder to cover up this foundation. Honestly, that would basically go against the very meaning of what Gressa wants you to do with your face and she definitely wants you to smile.

Just with Kjaer Weis, another beautiful luxe organic product, or any other facial cosmetic product from any brand, you will need to take care of your skin. That bare skin needs to be in somewhat decent shape if you want ANY type of foundation- organic, mainstream, light coverage, full coverage- to even work well. It’s the simple truth of the matter. I can’t wake up with 500 dry patches and cystic acne the size of my SUV and expect a product to make me look like I have perfect skin, especially products that are geared for “natural beauty”. We have amazing lines in this day and age such as Makeup Forever and MAC that have cultivated the technology to meet such challenges. But even then, you need to at least moisturize/prime. With Gressa, you should prep a little bit so that the product performs to your satisfaction. If you are dry, oil up. If you are oily, prime. If you are normal, moisturize. If you’re going outside, sunscreen I beg of you.

I mentioned dry patches when I first had this applied to my face by Svetlana herself. *OMG SHE TOUCHED MY FACE.* *OK, STOP.* She topped the foundation with some of her purifying oil while tapping, not buffing the brush onto my face. I walked out of her apothecary looking like I had a great facial. I love that I can spritz some oil on my face if I am super dry halfway into the day and the foundation stays in place. This product wants to be friends with everything- oils and mists, that it ends up working beautifully with these products without ruining your foundation. My skin has improved significantly and I didn’t really change my diet, read: did not reduce coffee intake. I can almost go pretty bare faced most days now. We are our own harshest critic but I am 86% confident running to Target without makeup these days. Ok, I lie, I still need my brows and blush.

I completely recommend this product for everyone and anyone. I think Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation has the potential to improve your life in several ways- less time spent on your face since most likely, it could very well improve your skin over continued use and will inadvertently give you more time to do other things in your day, e.g. blend eye shadow, do those brows, or brush some hair.

Continue reading on your own accord:

Let me just rave about Gressa’s creator, Svetlana Sanchez. I mean look at me, I’m just a kid who likes makeup. A kid with 2 kids. I’m kidding, I’m old and need help with my face. Anyway, I met her by chance, and then next thing you know, she’s making time for me amidst her busy schedule to have coffee and brownies. The first two times I met her, I was like crazy fan girl and she was completely like “OMG, please, STOP this SH*T immediately.” When we had coffee, I was secretly sweating, trying to play it cool, but then I actually felt cool with her. She’s a normal, down to earth person who like donuts, laughs at my jokes, listens to my feedback, asks about my family, tells me about her life, talks about breastfeeding. I was thinking, OMG, I think..I think she really wants to be my friend? Fangirl moment: SVETLANA IS MY FRIEND!

Anyway, calming down now… some people might look at her products and think, “OH. Another green thing” or “What? $54? Why?”. I see none of this because I know the intention and heart behind this brand. I will forever support Svetlana in all her endeavors because she’s a good, wholesome person. I’m not one for throwing my money at the next popular thing. My husband works hard for my makeup problem, so I am adamant on finding those brands with a heart. Svetlana talks passionately about her craft, she doesn’t push her products and she doesn’t say anything bad about other products. People, she worked so hard on Gressa, she lost her eyesight!!! That’s dedication and passion of the utmost degree. I have to say it is a privilege of unimaginable levels that I am friends with a creator of a makeup brand. I’m talking like, I can text her some weird b.s. and she’ll send me a bunch of LOL emoticons back with a heart. Who does that even happen to? Only very popular people and I’m not popular! But, Svetlana would tell me to shut my mouth if I continue to talk like this and then she’d give me a brownie. So, if you are in doubt about Gressa Skin, trust me when I say the PERSON behind the brand is one big walking beating heart of a woman who wants you to basically feel confident, beautiful, and most of all loved. How can you not support and love that?

Rating Scale:



WHERE TO PURCHASE: Directly at Gressa Skin

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Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Happy Review

January 13, 2016

Here is another rave about Kjaer Weis’s Cream Blush in the shade: Happy. In my previous review on the shade: Embrace here, all my thoughts are still applicable so I will not inundate you with repetitiveness. So, let’s just look at all the pictures and get the happy feels!

PRODUCT: Blush in Happy. Made in Italy. Net wt. 0.12 oz./ 3.5g. $56/$32 (refill only)

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Happy

PACKAGING: Shiny, good-weight-in-my-hands goodness from basically, heaven.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Happy up close















SHADE: As described on their site: “Everyone who’s seen this pink just smiles, so we had to name it Happy. Gorgeous on all skin colors, exceptional on darker complexions.” This is the stand out blush I was speaking to in my other post. This is type of color I am drawn to! Look at it! Doesn’t it look happy?! Perfect shade for everyday, every look. It even looks gorgeous on the lips!

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Happy

INITIAL SWATCH: It looks bright in the pan and for some, scary bright. But it can be worn sheerly or layered for that intensity. If it was acceptable to apply blush all day and end up looking like a happy clown, I’d do it! The top swatch is obviously lighter and blended so this is what it would most likely look like on your cheeks or lips. The bottom is a heavier swatch to show the opaqueness of the shade and how bright it can get. This level of application would be so stunning in the summer on the ..lips (you almost thought I’d say cheeks, huh?)

APPLICATION: Six words: Kerry Gold Butter on warm toast.

EFFICACY: Again, like with ALL cream blushes, the lasting power is a bit less compared to powder blushes.KW does not make any claims about how long this product will last, but she does claim exuberant, creamy, velvety, and a natural finish. I say she hit all the nails on the head with these descriptors.

IS IT WORTH SHARING OVER COFEE?: Short answer: Yes. Long answer: One of the best cream blushes I have ever tried. I’ve tried many and this one just feels good on the skin all day. It is moisturizing and my face actually feels refreshed at the end of the day. That’s a big claim because many things dry my skin out, even “cream” products. Definitely one of the shades to have in this collection if you are a lover of bright, bold colors! How much I love this blush can be measured by the fact that I carry this with me in my bag, I don’t even carry anything more than my wallet, lip balm, and eye drops. If I met up with a friend for coffee who wasn’t wearing blush (and I believe we ALL need some level of blush- it’s just so pretty and fun!), I’d probably reach across the table and dab-dab-blend-blend this cream blush on their face for them! Run, don’t walk, to procure this blush!

Rating Scale:



WHERE TO PURCHASE: Directly at their website, or Beautylish, Spirit Beauty Lounge, BeautyBar, The Detox Market, and Citrine Natural Beauty Bar.

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Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Embrace Review

January 7, 2016

If I haven’t raved enough about all things Kjaer Weis, I will soon. This is going to add to my collection of raving. I’ve reviewed her foundation here, and will now be sharing with you my all time favorite cosmetic item: Blush.

How much blush can one person have or need for just 2 cheeks on a face? It’s all just varying shades and textures of red, pink, coral, orange, mauve, and berry. But that’s exactly the point! There are so many varying shades and textures, so I just need them all! Something about blush makes me so happy, it can brighten your face instantly and application doesn’t have to be painstakingly accurate for it to look decent.

So, who and what is Kjaer Weis all about?
*this section is a repeat of my first post in case this is your first post!*
Kristin Kjaer Weis was born in Denmark and is a makeup artist based in New York City. She is the creative mastermind behind the makeup line that is organic, all natural, gluten free and free of irritants that performs as well as other cutting edge high-end luxury brands on the market. Her packaging is highly luxurious- think of Chanel or Burberry- yet completely environmentally friendly – each product casing is refillable.

What ingredients are in her makeup line?
Please refer to the link here to review all her ingredients.

PRODUCT: Blush in Embrace. Made in Italy. Net wt. 0.12 oz./ 3.5g. $56 (with compact) /$32 (refill only)

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush- Embrace

PACKAGING: One word, stunning. Exactly like the foundation packaging only different dimensions. Again, nicely weighted compact that just feels and looks luxurious.


SHADE: As described on their site: “This nude-pink is my go-to when just the palest hint of blush is needed. Best for light to light medium skin tones.” Admittedly, I am the kind of girl who isn’t afraid of blush- I love those stand out colors since this is usually the only product I am comfortable with on my face. Lips and eyeliner take time and careful application which at times I don’t have. This is the lightest shade I own and I quite enjoy it! It is so understated and definitely gives a “within glow” look. The perfect shade to pair with a bold lip or eye makeup.

Kjaer Weis Blush Embrace

Kjaer Weis Blush Embrace

INITIAL SWATCH: Just like KW foundation, this is quite creamy and dense. The color is just as described- nude pink and light. It exudes classic, clean looking beauty- no fuss, no mess, and seriously, I don’t think you can mess this up even if you tried.

APPLICATION: So, unlike the foundation which I discuss here, once your face is already prepped, foundation has been applied, the blush is pretty seamless to apply. I use the Wayne Goss 13 Brush to apply it and sometimes with my fingers- flawless application every time. Easy to blend and easy to build color while still feeling weightless on the skin. Think of it as spreading Kerrygold Butter on warm toast- sooo buttery smooth.

EFFICACY: As with ALL cream blushes, the lasting power is a not as long as compared to powder blushes. This does NOT make this product less efficacious though. It is perfectly pigmented and applying a touch of powder over it WILL make it last longer. KW does not make any claims about how long this product will last, but she does claim natural, green beauty with an understated touch of color which she absolutely delivers.

IS IT WORTH SHARING OVER COFEE?: Short answer here is: YAS!!!! Again, just like the foundation, when my friends ask me what new product they should get- I tell them KW. Not everyone needs five different foundations, so I simply tell them, “Get. all. the. KW. blush.” However, not everyone likes cream blush. I understand people like to apply blush one time in the morning and have it last until they are done with the day. People retouch foundation/use powder, but rarely do I ever hear the same sentiment with blush. They key point here in using this product is that what you put on your face gets absorbed into your body. I feel comfortable knowing all the ingredients in this product are harmless, so absorb away body! I also feel confident that every time my children slobber all over my face with their kisses, I am not harming them with my vanity.

But, goodness, I adore blush so I think most blushes are seriously amazing. Even though this one is much lighter than what I would normally be drawn to, it’s so classic and gorgeous that it’s making me rethink life! I’m like Mimi from the Drew Carey show who likes bright, bright colors! So maybe a quick tip- if you just won the lottery- then don’t even think twice- make a mass order of everything Kjaer Weis, right now. If you haven’t won the lottery, then get one blush with the compact because everyone needs at least ONE Kjaer Compact to show their friends how fancy we are! Otherwise, buy a Z-palette and fill it up with all the refills- much more affordable and looks just as pleasing to the eyes!

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WHERE TO PURCHASE: Directly at their website, or Beautylish, Spirit Beauty Lounge, BeautyBar, The Detox Market, and Citrine Natural Beauty Bar. Each of these sites have enormously generous and kind customer service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them. They are all generally free shipping after $50/$75. For the fastest shipping, literally 48 hours, is the place to go. They also have free U.S. shipping for orders over $35.