Leverhead Coffee – Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi Review

January 12, 2016

Larry's Coffees Ethiopian Sidamo

This is the bag of beans that changed my coffee drinking ways forever, all thanks to my husband. He doesn’t even drink coffee as one little sip will keep him awake for 52 hours. True story. Anyway, he started noticing my extreme need for coffee, so he somehow found this gentleman, Larry, at work. It so happens that Larry is a really amazing roaster, has 10 different beans at his desk, and access to some of the best beans in the world.

Larry is a local artisan roaster who probably is the coolest coworker I can only wish to have one day. He holds coffee tastings at his DESK. I don’t even know if it’s an actual desk or a large cubicle, but do you have a coworker cooler than Larry?? Probably not. He even has all the coffee paraphernalia right at his desk in the event that a coworker visited him, he’d brew him fresh coffee on the spot!! Mind blown right!?

Conclusion: We all need a Larry.

Before this magical bag of coffee, I was set on my Tully’s Hawaiian Blend k-cups for my beloved Keurig. Now, I still like my Keurig for when I only have 30 seconds to make and drink coffee. But, admittedly, I just never knew what really amazing coffee was underneath the caramel, frappychino-ey, frosty, no whip cream goodness. Seriously, what a sad life that was.

Then, my husband calls and starts raving to me illegally on the phone while driving about this coffee that he doesn’t drink. “OMG, babe, this is..I don’t know how to say it, it’s so good. Is this what coffee is supposed to taste like? It’s like the consistency of tea, it’s not bitter, I don’t need any frapp on it, and it’s so smooth. I like coffee. Wait, am I talking really fast?” The second he gets home, he hands me this bag of coffee and starts talking really fast with very alert eyes and says “Try it now. Whoa, I really feel it my eyes…it tingles..I think I can see better. Does coffee give you eagle eyes?”

I stared at him thinking, “What’s in this coffee and I needed this at 9am!” So, I brew it in my little Aeropress and my whole life changed. I knew at that point in time that I found “The One.” Have you ever had a cup of coffee and instantly decided that you were a light to medium roast, fruity, perhaps floral, clean-bodied kind of person?? That was me the second Sidamo hit my lips and the rest became history.

I know you should try to finish your coffee before a certain amount of time before it turns bad, but I honestly have been rationing this for special days. And, I hide it when I have visitors because I just can’t share this. I want to be sorry about that, but I’m not. This should be indicative about how good I honestly feel this coffee is along with the roaster and quality of his products.

Like my earlier conclusion- everyone needs a Larry, but furthermore, everyone needs to check out all the coffee roasted by this gentleman!!! He is a hidden gem, that mom and pop store that only the elite kind of people know about, and basically, just the secret to life. The thoughtfulness of his roasting and bean selection is really something to be in awe of. He genuinely enjoys doing this and to him, it’s an art. I think I wholeheartedly admire and respect this level of roaster more than the mass produced, for-profit roaster. There’s a level of heart, a level of care that goes into everything that mass producers just lose. And, let me point out again: Larry. will. brew. you. fresh. coffee. at. his. desk.

Leverhead Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo Ardi Beans

Coffee Name: Ethiopia Sidamo – Ardi
Roaster: Larry Lewis at Leverhead Coffee
Producer: Importer – Keffa Coffee
Processing: Natural
Varietal: Heriloom
Roast Level: Light-Medium Roast
Price: $15/ 1 lbs
Where to buy: Buy me here!

The beans are evenly roasted, evenly shaped, and evenly colored that delicious tan brown. They simply look healthy and well taken care of through the entire coffee bean process.

HEAVENLY! I had a cold at my first whiff and even a cold while writing this review, but the aroma of the beans cleared everything and made me feel pure joy. Clean, fragrant, floral, and lemony. Did I tell you I have an obsession with lemons? When life gives you lemons, you make coffee people!

I utilized the Aeropress as my brewing mechanism.
17 grams of coffee, ground between, medium coarse.
230 grams of water at 204F.

I filled the Aeropress with 60 grams of water and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds. Stirred 5 times.
Then added the rest of the water and pressed for 45 seconds.

TASTING NOTES (to my own interpretations):
I am by no means a professional coffee expert, so many times I miss some of the notes that are intended in the coffee. Slowly but surely learning about the complexities of different beans is going to be a lifelong journey. Please be sure I am trying my best to describe what I taste and smell!

* Berries
* Sweet aromas
* Lemon
* Floral
* Clean and gentle on the palate

TASTING PROFILE (Scale of 0 (nonexistent) to 5 (most amount/strong)):

Profile 0 1 2 3 4 5
Body  X
Clean X
Linger/Finish X
Sweet X
Sour/Tart  X
Floral  X
Spicy X
Salty X
Berry Fruit X
Citrus Fruit  X
Stone Fruit X
Chocolate X
Caramel X
Smoky X
Bitter X
Savory X

Final Rating:



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