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Leven Rose Coffee Bean Oil Review

February 5, 2016

I saw the word coffee and I had to have it. I really have a problem, but a good problem! But really, what kind of sorcery is this?! I knew there were coffee scrubs, coffee face masks, coffee candles, coffee rubs for cooking, coffee for drinking, but never coffee bean oil for the face!

I have a real love for oils. I honestly believe my skin has transformed since I incorporated oils into my skincare in 2011. It started with oils for my ginormous belly that looked like I was carrying twins- but nope, only 1 both times, thank you. The same oils somehow found its way to my face and I never looked back. I’ve tried argan oil, good old Trader Joe’s coconut oil, some expensive pregnant belly oil blend, and finally settled for maracuja oil (more on this another time).

A good friend I made on Instragram, Michelle Paradis, had a post about hair oils which piqued my interest. A few hours of Googling about oils and all their different benefits later, I’m Amazon Prime-ing this Leven Rose Coffee Bean Oil for same day delivery (for qualified purchases over $35). Seriously, anyone else LOVE Amazon?

What is Leven Rose Beauty? Founded by a husband and wife team, Iyatho and Frances in 2013 in Colorado, who were trying to find a cure for their daughter’s keratosis.

What are the ingredients? 100% Natural Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined Coffee Bean Oil (Arabica Beans from Brazil).

PRODUCT: 100% Pure and Natural Coffee Bean Oil. Made in USA (Colorado). Net wt. 1 oz/ 28.35g. $18.97

Levenrose Coffee Bean Oil

PACKAGING: Sturdy glass bottle with a dropper applicator. Flattering pink art with clearly labeled product name and logo.

Leven Rose Coffee Bean Oil product

SCENT: As the name suggests, this oil smells exactly like coffee. There are no other scents that I can detect. I would say it smells like a medium roast coffee. No floral and citrus notes like those found in Ethiopian coffee. But since they used arabica beans from Brazil, these beans generally have chocolate, nutty, and a slight sweet notes which I picked up in my scent test. It is not overpowering nor does it linger on your face for hours after application. How I wish blogs had a scratch and sniff because this is seriously delicious!

FIRST DROPLET: The viscosity of this coffee bean oil is definitely on the runnier side, mimicking that of rosehip oil and maracuja oil, perhaps a smidge thicker. But, not as thick as castor oil, argan oil, or olive oil. Definitely, don’t cook with this! But wait, can you?

Leven Rose Coffee Bean Oil swatch

APPLICATION: As with oils of light to medium viscosity, it applied easily and absorbed quickly.

EFFICACY: Leven Rose claimed this coffee bean oil would do the following:

“increase collagen and elastin in the skin, naturally, for younger looking skin.”

Now, I can’t measure how much collagen or elastin has increased in my skin to say that it actually increased for sure. But, to my naked eye, I can tell my skin appears to be in better condition. My skin feels firmer in that when I poke my cheek, it seems to bounce back almost instantly rather than stay indented for 3.5 seconds. Directions say to pat around the eye area, but I just slather it all over my face. My eye area does seem less puffy and strangely, I look “well rested”. How I am measuring how well rested I look is that I don’t need to use as much under eye concealer as I did prior to using this coffee bean oil. Using a magnifying mirror and being my own personal harsh critic, can I claim my skin looks younger? I don’t know if “younger” is the right word, but I would honestly have to say it does look and feel better. I do not say this lightly- my fine lines around my eyes appear softer and my face feels more supple. So, in my honest opinion without actual testing by a dermatologist, I would say this product is highly efficacious.

IS IT WORTH SHARING OVER COFEE?: Never would I thought I would be talking about coffee bean oil over coffee, but I feel like this is my actual dream come true! Short answer- YES!! Long answer: If I could drink this oil, I would, but I’m not prone to “tasting” my skin care or makeup no matter how “clean” it might be. I’m not 3 years old even though I might be the same height of some toddlers. How are kids so super tall these days?! Anyway, I’ve already put this item in my Amazon cart for “buy later” meaning when I have 1/4 left, I’m Prime-ing this baby over. I feel like I can add this to my moisturizer or apply it in the middle of the night after putting the kids to sleep for the 80th time and it just soaks in so effortlessly. I don’t wake up greasy or smelling like stale coffee. It has also made makeup application significantly smoother and easier because I no longer have any dry patches. I highly, strongly recommend this if you want to combat puffiness, dull skin, or if you “feel” like your skin is “saggy”. I don’t quite know how to quantify that unless your cheeks are hanging out with your knees. But you know what I mean! Give it a try! You might just add this to your collection of oils!

Let me know what you think if you do try it!

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WHERE TO PURCHASE: Leven Rose Beauty or Amazon.

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