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Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in Divine Review

January 18, 2016

You guessed it! Another Kjaer Weis review! You must be wondering if this is the only makeup I own- no it’s not. And if I was sent these products- no, I’m pretty sure Kjaer Weis and her staff don’t even know I exist. But, if they one day discover my reviews- HI TEAM KJAER WEIS!!!!

Anywho, today, I want to showcase her eyeshadow. These are the most expensive singular shadows I own. But for some things, it’s a moot point as to how much they cost because it’s a necessity, for life. A little background about my eyelids and eyeballs- they are sensitive and quite temperamental. Sometimes, even the most organic, clean eyeshadows can make my eyes red, watery, and puffy by the end of the day. Thus, I’ve become accustomed to not wearing any shadow but great at obsessively collecting them. So, when I purchased Divine after I purchased her foundation, I was 99.92% sure that this shadow was going to change my life. And, after testing this out for 5 months now, I am thrilled to finally report that this is my holy grail.

What ingredients are in this eyeshadow?

Please refer to this link to review all her ingredients.

PRODUCT: Eye Shadow in Divine. Made in Italy. Net wt. 0.043 oz./ 1.2g. $45 (with compact) /$27 (refill only)

Kjaer Weis Divine

PACKAGING: Just as stunning as the foundation and blush compacts, albiet a different shape of course. Shiny, heavy weighted, solid feeling, and a perfect encasement to the precious shadows.

Kjaer Weis Divine eyeshadow

SHADE: As described on their site: ““Divine is a beautiful gray that will shade the eye and give the illusion of not wearing make-up. A classic, neutral grey.”” If any of you are like me, there was a point in time where you wanted to be the smokey eye queen and bought all the shades that made a smokey eye look easy. However, probably NOT like me is that you mastered it and for some reason, I can only do it on other people. At least to me, mine never look the right kind of smokey. That “smudge” on the lower lash line never looks smokey-classy, just smokey like I fell in a chimney. So, I gave up and decided to adopt the one color wash all over the lid with a cat eye and never looked back. Then along came Divine and thanks to Lily at Genuine Glow, after reading her review, it gave me those hopeful smokey eye feelings all over again.

Kjaer Weis named this shadow so correctly as it is soo divine. It is a heaven sent for those less apt to using jet black for smoke. It is great and appropriate for the perfect day time smokey eye. Add a little more and you’re ready for night time. And that dreaded smudge under the lash line? This shade was made to marry your lower lash line!!!! It absolutely gives depth, adds a shade to the eyes that looks so wonderfully clean and classy!

Kjaer Weis Divine swatch

INITIAL SWATCH: If the shade wasn’t already perfect, at first swatch, this was fully decadent. The color you see in the pan is perfectly translated onto the lid. There are no shimmers, however not absolutely matte. To me, there’s an ever so slight satin finish that takes this shadow to the next level of perfection. I love satin finishes as opposed to extremely matte or extremely glittery because I feel like it just adds dimension. And, a simple glean of health that a matte finish doesn’t provide.

APPLICATION: Seamless. Dip your little brush in the pan and whether you do a light sweep all over the lid or concentrate over the crease, it glides effortlessly anywhere you want to place it. Have you ever gotten a shadow where you dipped your brush into it a little too enthusiastically, then placed it on your lid with the same emotion, and instantly you regretted that emotion? Well, with this shade, you don’t have to worry about regretting anything. The first layer applies like a nice clean slate. The second layer appears evenly layered and equally seamless. You can build as much as you need to and it will never look too overdone, muddy, or sloppy.

EFFICACY: Did this give the illusion of not wearing makeup? Yes. Did this create subtle depth but also perform well enough to provide a dramatic look? Absolutely. Everything Kjaer Weis promises in this eye shadow, she delivers!

IS IT WORTH SHARING OVER COFEE?: All I can say is now I’m going to look really good drinking coffee with my really good looking smokey eye. It looks like I mastered the smokey eye look years ago with this shade. There’s always one aspect that makeup lovers have a secret struggle with, be it the cat eye, taming the brows, finding the right shade of something. Well, thank you Kjaer Weis, now I can scratch the I-love-makeup-but-why-does-my-smokey-eye-look-like-it’s-on-bad-coffee off my list forever! I’m genuinely excited for this divine product she has blessed us with! I love being able to do the cat eye with this shadow and I am surprised at how the look can last for a good 9 hours without fading or slowly trying to meet my blush.

Like I said with the blush compacts, the price is also very steep for one eye shadow. But, for the sake of just having one compact in case you want to travel with one shade, I vote absolutely yes to this luxe goodness. Again, my recommendation would be to procure all the eye shadows and simply place them in a Z-palette. I have personally enjoyed looking at my collection daily sitting my z-palette daily and find that many other green beauty enthusiasts are quite happy going in this direction as well.

In closing, if you want a smokey eye but feel that they are too hard to master, too much for a daytime look, ends up looking less than classy- RUN to your closest stockist right now. Divine will solve all your smokey eye problems!

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WHERE TO PURCHASE: Directly at their website, or Beautylish, Spirit Beauty Lounge, BeautyBar, The Detox Market, and Citrine Natural Beauty Bar. Each of these sites have enormously generous and kind customer service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them. They are all generally free shipping after $50/$75. For the fastest shipping, literally 48 hours, is the place to go. They also have free U.S. shipping for orders over $35.

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