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Hourglass vs. Kjaer Weis: What to Splurge On?

February 4, 2016

My good friend asked me if she should splurge on the Hourglass (HG) Edit Palette or get the Kjaer Weis (KW) Foundation. I thought she was mad to ask me such a thing. But, she looked at me with serious eyes and wanted a serious answer. Granted that these are different cosmetic products all together, it invoked some deep, careful thoughts and a calculator.

Hourglass & Kjaer Weis

Several points were taken into consideration before I came to the final conclusion based on pure scientific logic. Just kidding, but seriously, a lot of thought went into answering this life-changing question. Peruse the chart below.

Hourglass Edit Palette VS. Kjaer Weis Foundation


Product Price/USD Amount Price/Ounce
Hourglass (Singles)
                  Powder $45 .34 $128.57
                  Blush $35 .15 $233.33
                  Bronzer $50 .39 $128.21
Hourglass Palettes
                  Powder (3) $58 .35 $165.71
                  Blush (3) $58 .33 $175.76
                  Edit (6) $80 .29 $275.86
Kjaer Weis
                  Foundation $68 .26 $261.54
                  Foundation Refill Only $40 .26 $153.85
                  Blush $56 .12 $466.66
                  Blush Refill Only $32 .12 $266.67

Hourglass Blush Palette

Price Per Ounce:
Without going into ingredients, taking into account your personal beauty philosophy, etc., KW appears to be expensive across the board. A KW blush refill is almost the same price as the HG blush that comes with its own packaging.

Then, looking at HG, it appears comparatively more affordable. However, in looking carefully within the HG blush products – a single HG blush is as expensive as the Edit Palette that contains 6 different shades. The best bang for your buck here is basically the single HG bronzer and the HG powder.

But, wait, don’t click Confirm Order on the HG palette just yet.

Better Value Overall?:
The Powder palette is the best value out of all the HG palettes. However, if you want to try the HG blush, the palette would be the way to go. Unless you are 250% sure of the color you want in the single blush, price/ounce HG palette $175.76 vs. HG single $233.33 would be considered a drastic difference.

Here’s where KW only looks more expensive, but in actuality, it is not. If you look at the KW blush refills, they are $32 vs. HG $35 which is not a huge difference for the actual product. Thus, it comes down to what finish, ingredients, and color you would like in your blush. I have reviewed several KW items here and here. You can always put the refills in a pretty little Z-palette if price is the issue. Even comparing bronzer and blush- again two different makeup products generally aimed to do different things even though you can use bronzer as blush. HG bronzer is $50 while KW blush in its compact is $56- again not a significant price difference.

Foundation is simply different from the blush breakdown in the chart above, so speaking to it in a comparative fashion would be a travesty to all the millions of years of my doctorate training. I can already see my advisor’s face..that “don’t even go there” face. Uy. It is possible though to use a darker shade of foundation as bronzer/contour…..but let’s not even go there right now.

Kjaer Weis

Need or Want?:
When the want is strong enough, the need is not even a question. But, do any of these products harness a true need to complete life? It really depends on who you ask and makeup comes down to personal preferences. I am only here to display the facts! I will leave you to search your soul on this one.

For the makeup admirer: It might come down to packaging which both have done beautifully. Hard to choose!!!

For the makeup lover: It might be price, need of product, and whether you’ll actually use it.

For the makeup obsessor: Like me, you’d probably just get both!

For the makeup lover who only uses organic products: Kjaer Weis would be the winner!

But if you want my opinion, keep reading…

Pulling out a calculator to look at price per ounce? I’ve seen parents (me) do this at Target/Costco in the diaper section because Target is the trickiest- buy 4 boxes of any of 2 sizes- newborn or size 1 (but I need size 4). Only in the big box not the mega box. Then you may get a $25 gift card. But wait, Cartwheel this deal, buy 3 more boxes of only size 5 (but I need size 4) in the mega box and get another $15 gift card. WHAT EVEN!? Just stop Target!!

But for luxury makeup, it should be easy – if you like it and you feel it’s worth the price tag- get it. Luxury makeup is luxurious, it’s a treat, it’s special, and dwindling it down to cost per application takes away from the luxuriousness of it all. The amount of makeup we wear per day, even the people in theater or whatnot can not be compared to Target diaper deals. Nothing can be compared to Target diaper deals! So, in my humble beauty practices, I rarely ever look at the price per ounce when I’m purchasing makeup- read: this was the first time ever I did this in my life for my good friend. To be really honest, even looking at the last column is giving me the sad feels.

Clearly, these are such different products!! Obviously, I own both and have enjoyed. In the end, even though I am blush lover, I still suggested (read: pretty much forced) my friend to splurge on the KW foundation because really amazing organic foundation in incredibly beautiful packaging is very hard to come by! But, that blush palette! See, I couldn’t really decide either!

What would you splurge on? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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