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Gressa Skin Eye Tint in Bronce and Eye Brush Review

January 29, 2016


What an honor it is to be sharing this new Gressa Skin product with you that will launch in February 2016! It’s an eye tint that is multifaceted and beautiful- exactly the words I would use to describe Gressa Skin as a company. It’s not everyday that someone like me gets to meet and befriend the creator, owner, and mastermind behind such a coveted brand. What I really love is that Svetlana is so down to earth and emits such genuine warmth. Fifteen minutes into our first meeting, her and Drey (her aesthetician) were already asking about my family and by the end, we were joking about giving birth (wait, not Drey though). Then, at the pre-launch, I got to meet her whole staff- Erin the makeup artist, Kerry her right hand woman, Drey, Mr. Svetlana aka her husband, and Sophia the logistics manager! They have such an incredible chemistry and love between each other that far surpasses regular, old coworkers. I believe this connection ultimately affects the process, mission, and quality of their products.

I’m excited to share with you this beautiful product as well as the results of my experiment I did over the course of 2 days! Let me tell you before you keep reading, Svetlana generously gave me this eye tint and brush PLUS the illuminating serum. Just like that. I tried to give her my money and even cried a little but she was insistent. You guys, I’m telling you, this. just. doesn’t. happen to me!

But, scientist cap on and the review is as unbiased as humanly possibly below! Please enjoy!

What is Gressa Skin?

The Gressa brand is a brand that celebrates glamour and sex appeal and still remains free of silicones, preservatives, and anything that is harmful for your health.

What ingredients are in this eyeshadow?

Since I’m sharing this with you before it even launches, I do not have this information quite at the moment. However, please check back maybe the end of Feb and I will have this all updated! For now, you can check out Gressa’s website here!

PRODUCT: Eye Tint in Bronce. Made in USA. Net wt. 0.24 oz./ 6.8g. $TBD

Gressa Eye Tint Bronce Package

PACKAGING: Sleek, not overly glossy, true black. Light weight twist-top circular container. Extremely travel friendly! Definitely for those who like to take care of the appearance of their products, this will not smear or get that “greasy” look in the event you touch the product then touch this cute container thereafter.

Gressa Eye Tint Bronce

SHADE: I will update directly from the website once this product info is available. Directly looking into the pot, it’s very bronzy with red undertones with a gorgeous iridescence. At some angles, it looks very brown but coppery and other angles, it looks like a cappuccino with shiny cinnamon specks.

Gressa Eye Tint Bronce Swatch

Top swatch: A lighter swatch that blended out to this smokey, sexy, warm, brown, bronze shade. Where the swatch is lightest at the edges, you can see how it leaves you with the true meaning of a clean blended out look. I applied with with my fingers obviously but even with fingers, sometimes cream shades can “skip” a little on the lids leaving a spots where the shadow is missing.

Bottom Swatch: A heavier swatch, but this only took 2.5 swipes of my finger to achieve this opacity. Can you see that iridescence I mentioned earlier? I see pink and purple in this bronze. The cream applies very, very evenly. This was one swipe, lift, swipe again, lift. I did not have to redo the swatch halfway through my swipe if you know what I mean.

Gressa Eye Tint Brush

Gressa Eye Tint Brush close up

APPLICATION: With fingers, it was effortless. The cream shadow glided on very, very smoothly. Depending how much product you picked up on your finger, you can absolutely build this shade to your desired level of opacity.

However, there is a specially made brush for this eye tint that actually works very well! How many times have you bought the brush that was made for a product that didn’t really work? This brush in its entirety is very sleek with a matte appearance. It is light weight and a great length for control and accuracy of application. The bristles are cruelty-free, synthetic, and beautifully tapered. I was able to use this brush to apply the eye tint by tapping on the lid, and then using the tip to blend out the edges.

EFFICACY: Below is where I conducted two experiments over the course of two days using the same eye lids both days (I did a joke here, did you catch it? *wink*). My lids are surprisingly oily, they are also hooded, and so it is a rarity if shadows never crease.

Control: I washed my face and applied my skin care consisting of 2 Korean skincare products, a moisturizer, and a little bit of rosehip oil at 8:00am. I let all this sink in for 3 hours and did not apply any makeup products nor did I engage in any brow grooming, thus the craaazzyy brows. Please don’t unfriend me. I also did not leave the house during these days. At 11:00am, I applied the eye tint using the Gressa brush. At 9:00pm, my husband took eye lid pictures for me. Total wear time: 10 hours.

Gressa Eye Tint Concealer vs Nothing

Exhibit A: Concealer Versus Bare Eye Lid Skin, Conducted on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.
Left side: I used RMS UncoverUp. Minimal fading or creasing. The eye tint was as opaque at the culmination of my experiment this day as it was upon initial application.
Ride side: As I predicted, my bare eye lid skin ate up the product. There was noticeable fading and creasing.

Gressa eyetint primer no primer

Exhibit B: Primer Versus Bare Eye Lid Skin, Conducted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.
Left side: I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer (it’s Cruelty-Free). The eye tint stayed very opaque. In the outer-v of my lid, it really stayed “smokey” and rich.
Right side: Again as predicted, creasing and fading. Compared to the left side, there is a noticeable different in how much the eye tint had disappeared and creased- look at how the eye tint really tried to move into my crease.

Results: Clearly, I need all the primer. My eyelids are shadow vampires. With primer, the eye tint in Bronce stayed on for 10 hours, comfortably, flawlessly, no fading, no creasing, and did not irritate my eyes whatsoever. The color remained opaque and I was able to enjoy looking at my left eye lid throughout the day to admire its iridescence and sultriness. For the right eye lid though, I was shaking my head every couple of hours passing by my mirror. How can someone with such dry skin have the oiliest eye lids in the universe??

IS IT WORTH SHARING OVER COFFEE? Well, if you’ve read the entire way through, you either needed a nap AND coffee twice or it’s already obvious that I could absolutely share lots of information about this product and the Gressa company over coffee! I really loved not only this multifaceted shade but I loved how comfortable it was to wear!! It did not gravitate towards a stickiness or tackiness after 10 hours of wear. It did not get “heavy” in a sense where I could feel it on my eyes and it did not travel into my eyeballs. I believe this might THE shade for that warm summer date night with a gentle breeze because it is so sultry, does not look “dirty” in the lower lash line, and has a magical way of picking up the light. I almost think *some* women might even be able to make it work as a bronzer on some level! Aside from the great ingredients if that is what you are interested in- it is cruelty free, organic, and vegan, the product is extremely efficacious. For those who are transitioning to safer products like my mommy friends who love the Maybelline Eye Tattoo, this would be a lovely substitute. Furthermore, this eye tint could be used as a base (for me, over a primer) for a realllly dark smokey eye or a really amazing bronze cat eye! Honestly, the possibilities are endless and I highly recommend this product! Amazing product and even more amazing company!

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Directly at Gressa Skin! Free shipping over $100.

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  • Reply Ginger January 30, 2016 at 12:59 PM

    Great review! It looks beautiful on you! And I think I would definitely need a primer as well. Cream shadows always crease on me!

    • Reply Makeup Brew January 30, 2016 at 5:49 PM

      Hi Ginger! Thank you so much for reading and leaving feedback!!!! I think you’ll definitely love it, I can really see it looking gorgeous on you! You’re totally going to get on the front page of JCREW now!! xo-Kate

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